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1.24 million pounds of salami?

January 27, 2010 - Dear Editor,

1.24 million pounds of Blank salami recalled over salmonella concerns?

Pray tell what were the people in quality control doing while that much meat was processed?

Why were there no checks done on the ingredients used to make the salami?

As a teenager I made sausage, ground the meats, added the spices, stuffed the intestines. Everything was checked and double-checked to make sure the best uncontaminated ingredients were used.

Apparently, quality control is a thing of the past. The inspectors that used to check up on meat are now dead (yes, they were old and now I am old, do the math) Those that replaced them just do not seem to take their jobs seriously, as I have seen more news stories about meat being recalled than ever before. At this rate, Our enemies do not have to wait long, we will poison ourselves with the hiring of people that don't do their jobs and don't care to as long as they get their paycheck. Yes, the quality of American-made goods has declined to the point it is now making our food unsafe. The end of our great Roman, uh, I mean American Empire is about over. Greed, lack of care, selfishness, and disconcerting attitudes have brought this country to its knees.

May God or by what ever name you call your creator, have mercy on us, as no human will. Robert Therrien

Brandon Twp

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