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Bad decision by Brandon Schools

February 03, 2010 - Dear Editor:

(In response to, "Contract ends too early for coach," The Citizen, Jan. 16, page 3)

Add the decision to not renew Ron Wagner's contract to the long list of bad decisions by Brandon School Athletics. As one of Ron's first team captains and having played for him for three years, he'll be the first to admit we didn't always see eye to eye. We sometimes disagreed on how to pitch to a certain opponent, who to put on the mound for a game, etc. However, Brandon will never find a replacement for the program that will have the dedication, passion for winning, and demand for class or the drive for perfection from his players. Coach Wagner always got the most out of the roster he was given. All of his former players and followers of the program will be forever grateful for his personal sacrifices to represent the Brandon baseball program and the local community.

Christopher Mersino

Brandon High School; 1993

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