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Board: 'Bus daycare children'

February 24, 2010 - Dear Editor:

(In response to, "Home school busing only; privatization considered by district," The Citizen, Feb. 20, page 1) As a community member and concerned parent, I attended the school board meetings in recent weeks, where I voiced my opinion and even wrote letters to the board with regard to the proposed transportation changes.

I believe while the board may have listened to the community's reaction to the proposed changes, I don't think they fully heard and understand the emotion behind the words spoken and the impact these changes will have on our children.

I know there are cuts to be made and I realize these are not easy decisions, nor are they decisions that can be ignored, but I implore the board to reflect back on the meetings and think about the passion and concern in the voices of the parents, bus drivers and business owners.

The proposed changes leave no options for parents of Oakwood students who need before and after care for their children. If I were a stay-at-home mom I would drive to the moon and back if it meant keeping my children in their school, and I wouldn't think twice about having to do so. However, like many, I work because I have to, and with that comes sacrifices. I will sacrifce vacation days to stay home with a sick child, attend school functions with my kids and even to attend board meetings that start at 5 p.m., but it is not an option to sacrifice my job and income to transport my children to school.

I'm not asking the district to provide before and after care for my children, we have reputable centrally located daycares that have been in our community for years to do just that. I simply believe if the district chose to have three elementary schools, it is their duty to continue to busing daycare children to/from each of the three elementary schools.

While the board may not like opposition to the proposed changes, and some members even feel they have heard enough public opinion on the topic, I believe as elected officials, it is their duty to listen intently and respond respectively. The community has clearly come together and spoken in unity, and now it's the board's turn to follow suit and make the right decision for our children and our community.

Laura Minor

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