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Snowmobilers: keep off private property!

February 24, 2010 - Dear Editor:

Whoever you are that is snowmobiling all over my property on Ridge Road in Goodrich, keep out!

You are trespassing, breaking the law! Not to mention damaging the crops that are planted in those fields, also a liability issue.

I have put up fences, gates, and chains across openings where you invade my privacy. Signs are posted, 'keep out' and 'private property.' You are even so brazen that you drive in and out of my driveway and enter the field right beside my house! Up the road from me you drove across my son's driveway and damaged it by cutting grooves in the blacktop and made ruts in his lawn driving back to my fields.

I see your headlights at night and hear your loud engines at all hours. You've gotten so brave that you were riding on my property Sunday afternoon pulling children on a sled behind you.

Right in broad daylight!

I've called the police a number of times, but you always manage to escape them. It's just a matter of time, but you will get caught and you will pay the consequences. The law is watching you.

If you enjoy snowmobiling, buy your own property and pay the taxes on it. Then you can do whatever, whenever without invading other people's privacy or breaking the law. Or, go ride on state land or property that has designated trails for snowmobiles.

You are giving snowmobiling a bad rap! Keep out!

Sally (Holt) Perkins, Goodrich

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