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Wendi's Word A column by Wendi Reardon

Sweet sounds

April 07, 2010 - Amazed.

After a week and a half I find myself still thinking about a concert I went to at The Palace of Auburn Hills - Michael Bublé.

It was the first time - and I didn't know what to except. Some performers greet the audience with a settle "Hi, (fill in the name of city here)!" From the moment, he asked why he had to say Detroit when The Palace was in Auburn Hills, nearly 30 miles away I knew he was going to be different.

"I have been to Detroit - no one is there," he joked.

Bublé had personality and a stage presence. Oh and of course fabulous, smooth singing. He even paid tribute to Michael Jackson with a few


Not to mention he wished a very special man in the audience a happy birthday. Thousands clapped as Gordie Howe stood from his seat and listened to us sing "Happy Birthday."

It was a surreal and an exciting night.

I came back into the office the next day, dazed and still humming "Haven't Met You Yet" (I can't help it, it's my new anthem.) I began thinking as I sat at my desk I am lucky - I don't have to go

very far to listen to great bands or singers.

I have stopped by a few band performs at the high school and let my

camera catch a few images and let my ears catch the sound.


If you are in band, keep it up! If you sing, practice those chords! I have looked at the upcoming April calendar - seems to be a lot of spring concerts and talent shows planned. I can't wait to see what you have to showcase.

Until then enjoy your vacation Clarkston students - spring break is

almost over.

* * *

Ah, spring. It is renewing. Almost like the beginning of a new year.

New possibilities, new chances.

And fresh air. It is definitely a motivator to walk outside when you don't have to inhale the cold, crisp air of winter.

I just have one obstacle before I hit the sidewalk with my headphones - sneakers. Maybe this week so I can enjoy the weather while I can.

Wendi graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint with a degree in communications. She wrote for the Michigan Times college paper and Grand Blanc View before joining The Clarkston News in October 2007.
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