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Letter to the Editor

Keep shining light on local news

April 07, 2010 - Dear Editor,

Mr. Don Rush, HANG TOUGH ("What's a newspaper guy to do," March 24)! Print what is news-worthy and clearly stated in grammatically correct articles.

Controversial? If true, print it. Call a spade a spade. Honor kids who achieve. Be a tenacious watchdog of our local politicians and their conduct of the peoples business. School board members and administrators should bear the same circumspection.

They govern many more taxpayer dollars, employ many more people, and should be accessible to any who ask for their time and responses regarding legitimately posed issues.

A newspaper is a collaberatory effort of many creative individuals. It is sad to see the electronic media wreak havoc worldwide on your industry.

A local newspaper is a signature of the community. Yes, it is a bulletin board but it is so much more. Without a Clarkston News to scrutinize, examine, ask the tough questions, how will we know what is going on?

Most residents cannot go to meeting after meeting; know background facts of an issue, or even understand the tenor or language of the various boards without in-depth study.

Representative governance is absolutely necessary. A newspaper should be the vehicle to explain issues and actions to readers. Be tough as hell. Dig into the stories, hold feet to fire and EXPOSE ALL TO THE SUNSHINE and transparency of honest and forthright governing. We would all do well to be John Waynes.

Dan Travis

Independence Township

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