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Goodrich a great place to live

April 07, 2010 - Dear Editor,

It has been my distinct pleasure to

have been a resident of the Goodrich

area for the past

78 years. I have

seen the village go

through many

changes, trials, and

tribulations over

my lifetime. It

pleases me to write this letter in praise

of how far the village has come, and

what a great job the current council

members are doing to make our village

such an outstanding area to live.

In my opinion, the level of maintenance

provided by the village to care for

our streets this past winter has been first

rate. In their pursuit of excellence, snow

maintenance services have been on time

and thorough, as is the case in year-round

maintenance. I could not be more proud

of Pete Morey and his (DPW) crew for

making our community such an outstanding

place to live. I am proud to say to

everyone listening that I am from


I Must not close this letter without recognizing

the great job also being done by

Atlas Township Supervisor Shirley

Kautman-Jones and her staff at the township.

I will leave with one piece of advice

from a longtime observer, do not ever let

a loose cannon talk consolidation (of village

and township). Consolidation is a

nutty thought and a bad idea.

Jim Cummings


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