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Goodrich Library closed May 3-21

April 21, 2010 - Dear Editor,

Have you been to the Goodrich Library lately? Already good things have been happening. Since Atlas Township has taken over, a start has been made on the necessary and needed repairs. First, a new roof was added. Wear and damages from the storm a year ago have been addressed with federal funds allotted to the township and Goodrich Village. On the inside, renovations have started. New lighting has made a huge improvement along with new safety signs, and ceiling fans.

The library will be temporarily closed from May 3-21. The first week will entail packing up the books and other library materials for storage during the renovations. The second week will include plaster repair, repainting, and installation of new carpet. The third week involves putting everything back in.

After the library level is done, and the storm damage on the outside wall on the addition fixed and the kitchen wiring and walls repaired, we will begin on the Community Room. This will involve plaster repair, painting, and new carpet. At that time, we will be calling for our volunteer friends for help with the labor.

Because of the support of the community and individuals, these things are happening. The village with their contributions that helped getting the projects going, The township board, especially Supervisor Kautman-Jones, and Building Supervisor Matt Hart, have rapidly followed through with the entire project. The Friends of the Library have donated $4,000 for the plaster repair and painting, and new floor tile for the bathrooms on the library level. The governments are providing new carpet.

The Friends are involving this community in this process. Already the Goodrich school children have responded to the "Pennies for Paint" campaign. Added to the funds the Friends have earned, these pennies will make great inroads into the cost. Contributions are also accepted, with our non-profit status and receipts, these are fully deductible on your taxes.

All of this has happened because the support of the community at our meetings, voicing your views and offering your time. The area newspapers including The Citizen, have been very supportive with their coverage. We, the Friends of the Library and the Community of Atlas Township do sincerely thank all those who have helped this all happen.

Sharleen Gonzalez President, Friends of the Goodrich-Atlas Library, g.sharleen@yahoo.com

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