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Oxford police log

May 05, 2010 - Monday, May 10 - A 9-1-1 caller reported that his wife was intoxicated and kept hitting him.

*The female who turned in a lost dog on May 9 stated that if no one claimed the dog, she would take custody of it, put signs up and attempt to find the owner. An officer transported the dog to the female.

*Kids were spotted skateboarding behind businesses on S. Washington. They were advised to move to the skate park.

*There was a noise complaint about speakers outside on a patio at an establishment on S. Washington. Officers determined they were left on accidently.

Sunday, May 9 - A driver was pulled over and was positive for operating under the influence of liquor.

*A suspicious vehicle was spotted on East St. A vehicle parked in the road and two males left it and walked down the street.

*A loose dog was found on W. Burdick and brought to police.

*An unknown subject caused damage to the handle of a truck on Beverly Dr. Paint was also scratched. No prints or evidence were located.

Saturday, May 8 - Oakland County Sheriff Deputies out of Addison Twp responded to a domestic violence complaint on Forest. The husband and wife had gotten into an argument when the wife grabbed a kitchen knife and cut her husband's hand. The husband needed stitches, but refused medical treatment, claiming he would seek it on his own. Both parties had been drinking. The wife was transported to Oakland County Jail pending the issuance of a warrant.

*Paramedics responded to the scene of a possible alcohol poisoning on Hosner. The subject was not transported to the hospital.

*A juvenile snuck out of his home on Pearl and was found walking along S. Washington and Mechanic when spotted by an officer. The juvenile told the officer that he was on his way to meet a friend at S. Lapeer and Drahner. The officer dropped the juvenile off at his home.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on Stanton and Mill after it was seen parked in the street. An officer made contact with the female occupant and found out that she lived right near where she parked.

*A tree was down in the road on Drahner east of Baldwin.

*There was an animal complaint about a dog barking for three hours on Mechanic. The report was unfounded.

*A caller reported juveniles playing on a building in the cemetery on W. Burdick.

Friday, May 7 - Suspicious people were reported hiding in the bushes along the Polly Ann Trail.

*Some family trouble was reported on E. Burdick between a male and female. The male stated that the female put her hand on him.

*There was a juvenile complaint about 12 kids trying to jump three others in the southeast lot. The kids were sent on their way.

*12 kids were reported hanging out behind a business on S. Washington and cursing. They were sent on their way again.

Thursday, May 6 - A suspicious person was reported on Oxford Lakes Dr. The unknown subject was parked in front of a residence.

*A person called police to report that some kids were throwing rocks on Louck and one of them broke a window belonging to the reporting person.

*A disturbing the peace was called in after the reporting person called and said that his neighbors were being loud, playing loud music and making verbal harassing statements towards him that were loud and he could hear.

*There was a report of some subjects having sex in a black Yukon in the parking lot of an establishment on S. Washington. An officer was advised and upon making contact with the subjects, the officer learned that they were changing their clothes in the vehicle. They then proceeded to go inside the establishment.

Wednesday, March 5 - There was a parking complaint against a paving company who was blocking one side of the street on Moyer. The trucks were moved to a corner house on Moyer.

*There was an accident on E. Burdick and Washington. A driver hit the reporting person with the reporting person suffering no damage to his vehicle. The male driver left the scene and the female in the vehicle took over driving.

*Some juveniles were spotted playing at the edge of the quarry on Lakeville Rd.

*A gray Chevy was parked at the entrance of Oxford Lakes on Lakeville and Bay Pointe Dr. due to a flat tire. An officer was going to check back later on the vehicle.

*A car alarm went off on Lakes Edge Dr. The area was checked and police were unable to locate any one.

*An unknown subject drew an obscene gesture in black marker on the complainant's front door on Glass Lake Circle.

Tuesday, May 4 - A suspicious person was reported after someone was banging on a window on Sunset Blvd. Officer did an area check and was unable to locate the subject.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Lakes Edge Dr. The reporting person saw someone run across a neighbors yard. An officer was able to locate the subject, who turned out to be the homeowner.

*Police met a subject on Glaspie St. regarding a dog bite incident. The subject refused medical treatment and officers found that it looked like the dog had only bitten clothing. However, this was the second incident with the same dog.

*Officers were called to Davison Lake Rd. after the reporting person thought some kids were growing something in the gravel pit. Nothing was found.

*Officers spotted some kids littering on Glaspie. The officer made them pick it up.

*A woman hit parked cars on Chinkapin Rill and walked away from the scene.

*A resident at Crossroads for Youth ran away and was last seen along Drahner Rd. Oxford and Orion Twp. deputies searched the area of Drahner Rd and S. Lapeer without result.

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