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Look, mom, we're ONTV!

ONTV’s Ian Locke currently hosts the updated news broadcast. Photo provided (click for larger version)
May 05, 2010 - Your local source for print news has gone digital. The Lake Orion Review and Orion Neighborhood Television (ONTV) renewed an old partnership to get Lake Orion news to the public, not just in ink, but on TV.

"We're visualizing the concept of our local paper," said ONTV's Ian Locke, who is spearheading the production. "We're two of Lake Orion's best-know media outlets – The Review for the news and us for anything community, like activities and concerts. We're the visual side and The Review is the print side. It's a natural pairing to share resources and partner to get that information out to the community."

The show, simply called Lake Orion Review on ONTV, airs Monday, Friday and Saturday at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., just after Lake Orion Living on Comcast channels 10 and 916. There's an online episode library, as well, at orionontv.org/lakeorionreview.htm.

The show's concept – bringing The Review's print news to life on television – isn't new at ONTV. Beginning several years back, staff from both media organizations tried their hand at hosting the broadcast.

But this time, it's different, says Locke, noting the show is now "current and modern."

"It was updated. We have new graphics. It's something people will recognize as a news program. That was done on purpose to try to get eyeballs at the television," he said, noting that the new version was built on the old show's content. "The hardest part about news is content. We already had a partnership in the past. Why not work on it and revamp it and bring it up-to-date?"

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