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Letter to the Editor

Recall signers go on record

May 12, 2010 - Dear Don,

This is in response to the anonymous whiter who did not agree with your call for Independence Township Supervisor to resign ("Mr. Wagner goes to township hall: Part 2," May 5). Unlike "Anonymous," you may use my name.

As a member of the recall effort, allow me to point out that we have already collected over 3,400 signatures to recall Supervisor Wagner, 1,000 more than the number of people who voted for him in the last election.

"Anonymous" repeats Mr. Wagner's frequent accusations that the recall committee promotes "half-truths. " OK. Which half of the memo from and signed by Mr. Wagner dated 12/31/08 which raised car allowances by $100 per month for himself and five other employees is untrue?

Which half of the multiple invoices addressed to and authorized by Mr. Wagner for blueprints for a new $800,000 sheriff substation are untrue?

Which of the two memos dated 12/8/2008 and 1/16/2009 from and initialed by Mr. Wagner are untrue which authorized the $1,500 bonus payments to an employee without Board approval?

"Anonymous" writes of "the several accomplishments" of the previous board and Mr. Wagner. Really? Like the purchase of the new Township Hall without a vote of the public in a manner that has resulted in higher water and sewer rates? Like the construction of a new senior center with an inaccessible basement, again without the approval of the voters?

"Anonymous" suggests Mr. Rush check on the HR person. Good idea. Also check on the $300,000 lawsuit settlement the township insurance provider had to pay former library personnel who were wrongfully terminated by the Wagner administration, which was one of the reasons a professional HR person was hired.

Like "Anonymous," over 3,400 residents who have signed the recall petitions are "frustrated and disappointed." Since when is the exercise of our federal and state Constitutional rights to petition our government and recall elected officials a "black-eye" for the community?

If anything, we should commend the thousands of residents who have expressed their desire for more responsible local government. And they are not remaining anonymous.

Henry S. Woloson

Independence Township

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