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Campaign out of hand for reader

May 12, 2010 - Dear Don,

You need to know that, as your reporter, Trevor Keiser, who has endured this mess over the past two years, knows, the township has been suffering from problems going back three years with the election of two new trustees who have a dedicated political agenda to take down the supervisor, and in the process, have ground the township's business to a halt.

Their agenda has caused the very problems, such as arguments, prolonged debates, and inaction, as you have accurately described.

Supervisor Wagner is not the problem. He is a leader, and has made bold moves (new township hall, new senior center) that other officials have not had the guts to pursue.

Were it not for Mr. Wagner, and the contributions and cooperation of our building director and our construction community, we would not have these jewels in our township. It takes leadership to do the right things, despite what the recall proponents might say.

And that is the problem with the recall process today. A Wayne County judge recently noted that the recall process in Michigan has gotten totally out of hand, in that you shouldn't be able to recall an official simply because he/she did something you just didn't like.

And, more importantly, it stifles officials from making the right, and sometimes, unpopular decisions.

Joseph Lawrence

Independence Township

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