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Guest viewpoint: Maria Rotondo-Mark

People match nature's wonder

May 12, 2010 - If one could comprehend the greatness of the power we come from; possibly respect could be an attainable goal.

Somehow separation has prevailed thus allowing greed to take center stage.

To know and understand true power is to bring humbleness to mankind.

As each of us become affected with awareness and take steps toward meeting our basic needs not our irrational wants, life will flow with ease and grace.

Who will lead this recovery process to appreciating and respecting since we all have the same basic needs?

They are food, shelter and water. We have managed to cripple shelter, one of the big three.

This is quite a disrupting reality to swallow for all human beings.

If land has no worth as it relates to dollars, where can one place one's shelter if it could be materialized?

We have yet to see a house suspended in mid air. If it were possible who has rights to air space?

Quite ridiculous you say; yet if one stops to react to the dysfunction and begins to look at the bigger picture; only then can creativity and activity be realized.

If all this posturing for money and power could be seen by most as distraction, then accepting responsibility for individual actions with respect could bring hope to humankind.

One of the statements I have heard said is: "we must get back to basics". What are basics in this economy? Housing is part of the basic needs of all human beings; food, water and shelter.

If we disrupt this order, there is a high price we all pay. The earth will not expand to give us more land. There are land barons holding on to their property, continuing to pay taxes in the hopes sanity returns and folks regain confidence in the system.

This is no time to gamble with the livelihood of people. Uncertainty will remain until a few basic rules of conduct are demonstrated in our midst.

We are community, we will unite and we are capable of greatness as individuals, families, businesses, co-workers all committed in "unison" for the greater good of mankind. It's in our nature to pursue the natural flow toward prosperity in all ways.

Maria Rotondo Mark lives in Independence Township

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