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Privatization, curriculum...choose

May 12, 2010 - Dear Editor,

(In response to "Privatize busing, bad idea by district," The Citizen, May 8, page 6.)

Ann Wiley, a 20-year bus driver (retired) recently wrote that privatization is a bad idea.

I agree with many of her statements; it's a job most parents wouldn't want; drivers know your kids and who waits for them at the bus stop; they know the roads. But here's the thing: We are broke. If it was a household issue you would first cut back wherever you could without major change. More casseroles, buying generic, mowing your own yard or dying your own hair. A new bus driver will learn the routes, the roads and your kids. It is not that the lower wage earners like bus drivers, custodians and lunch servers are being picked on—it's just with no special skills they are easier to replace. I'm not being cold here, I'm looking for work as well. It's just that, unfortunately, we have to choose where we are willing to give, and if it's between privatization and curriculum....

Laura Douglas

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