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May 12, 2010 - Angry husband

On May 4, a complaint of harassment and threats was filed at the Brandon substation. The complainant said he had a relationship with a woman while she was separated from her husband. The complainant was also the responsible party in a 2009 larceny complaint in which the woman was the victim. The complainant's relationship with her is over. The woman is getting a divorce, but even though the complainant and she no longer have a relationship, he said her husband is threatening him and sending unwanted text messages saying he will beat him up or kill him. The complainant is also worried because the husband has called his probation officer and made false allegations in an attempt to get him in violation of his probation. He was encouraged to file a personal protection order.

She loves that bar

On May 4, a Brandon deputy was responding to the area of Ortonville and Oakhill roads for a possible drunk driver being followed by a witness. En route, the deputy was advised that the suspect vehicle was involved in a property damage accident at Ortonville and Seymour Lake roads. The deputy arrived at the scene to find a black Chrysler blocked in by two vehicles. He passed to turn around and saw the Chrysler attempt to leave the scene. As he was getting out of his patrol car, the suspect put her vehicle in reverse and came within a few feet of backing into the patrol unit. He approached the vehicle and asked her to turn her car off. She grabbed the shifter and began to change gears. The deputy ordered her to put the car in park and exit. She stumbled out of the vehicle and staggered to the rear of the vehicle. The deputy asked her if she'd been drinking and she said she'd had one drink at the Toby Keith bar at Great Lakes Crossing. She smelled strongly of intoxicants and would not submit to a breathalyzer test. She was arrested for operating while intoxicated, second offense and was taken to the hospital for a blood draw before being taken to the Oakland County Jail. The case is open.

Talk of the bar

On May 5, a Brandon deputy responded to the 1900 block of S. Ortonville Road for a breaking and entering. The complainant said someone entered her home and stole her prescription medications. She said her doors won't lock and everyone at the bar knows she has medication in her house. An unknown amount of Clonazepam and methadone were taken, but the empty pill bottles were left. An airsoft toy gun was also taken.

Assault & battery

On May 1, Genesee County Sheriff Deputies from Atlas Township responded to a Hegel Road business in Goodrich for a assault and battery.


On May 7, a complaint of threats was filed at the Brandon substation. The complainant said he was threatened by another man in the same line of work as he is, who accused him of bad-mouthing him to a client. The complainant said the man told him he'd better stop or he would "hurt him." The deputy left a message on the suspect's voicemail advising him to leave the complainant alone.

Bad lesson

On May 7, a Brandon deputy responded to Redbud and Fir for two juveniles fighting. Per the caller, the boyfriend of the mother of one of the boys was watching the fight. En route, the deputy was advised that that boy got into a car identified as his mother's, who lives in the 4300 block of Wildwood Loop. The deputy made contact with the woman, who said she told the boys to fight. She said her son (an 11-year-old) was given a cigarette by the other boy at school and her son was suspended. Her son told the principal the other boy had given him the cigarette and that boy had since been making threats to her son. She said she contacted the principal and then told the boys to go ahead and fight. The mother's boyfriend said the other boy had walked over to his girlfriend's son as if he was going to fight and his girlfriend's son was defending himself. When the deputy asked why the man hadn't tried to stop them, the man said they teach the boy to defend himself. The principal was contacted and a report was forwarded to Child Protective Services.

Poles pilfered

On May 7, a Brandon deputy responded to the 800 block of Oakwood Road for a report of larceny. The complainant said between April 10 and this date, someone had entered the property and removed 24 2x4x8 wooden support poles valued at $400 that were attached to a 75-foot wood fence.


On May 9, a Brandon deputy responded to the 6800 block of Oakhill Road for a report of breaking and entering. The complainant said between April 28 and this date, someone entered the unattached garage at the property and stole a large variety of tools, power tools, a television, refrigerator, and tool boxes. The house is for sale and he doesn't reside there. A side garage door was found unlocked.


On May 9, at about 9:40 p.m., a Brandon deputy on patrol made a traffic stop on a vehicle at S. Ortonville and Allen roads and learned the passenger had two warrants, one from Florida with no extradition and a misdemeanor warrant from Madison Heights for leaving the scene of a property damage accident with a $500 bond. She said she had the bond money and the deputy took the bond to booking, where it was secured in a safe.

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