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Hold all accountable, reader says

May 19, 2010 - Dear Don,

Is the real problem that voters didn't vote to privatize the supervisor's office ("Mr. Wagner goes to township hall: Part 2," May 5)?

I didn't vote to privatize the supervisor office because an outside administrator would only answer to the trustees, not the residents of the township. Therefore, it would be almost impossible to remove this person if the residents were dissatisfied with his/her performance. Would this really save the township money?

Regarding the purchase of the new township offices, who was consulted or what people approved it? Was this the sole decision of the supervisor? How did he get such power?

All elected officials should be held accountable. I haven't signed the petition to remove the supervisor because I can't fully understand what the truth is and is not, and I consider removing anyone from office a serious act.

The majority of Independence voters voted for the present supervisor. If he was good enough to elect then, what has changed?

Concerning the leave of absence by an employee: didn't letter writers in the Clarkston News complain about so-called "perks" the employee who took a leave of absence was receiving? Is the supervisor behind this? Did the employee receive the "perks" under this supervisor? If not, how can he be held responsible for the bickering concerning this situation?

Who are the real trouble makers and what is their goal? Would the supervisor stepping down really solve the problems?

Janet Pierson

Independence Township

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