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Letter to the Editor

Lawn mower too rich for city

May 19, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I was at this week's waste of time council meeting (May 10) and got so disgusted I had to leave.

After listening to our fine city fathers crying poor, wanting to get rid of our police department and beg for a ridiculous tax increase, next thing they do is approve a $9,000 lawn mower for DPW!

They could contract lawn mowing out to an outside company for less than $4,500 per year. And our fine city manager said not to worry about pleasing a few upset residents – Bob Pursley needs this mower and he wants it approved.

I can't believe we have no money to save our police dept but we can buy a NEW Cadillac lawn mower! I will be the biggest advocate of getting rid of cityhood and give it all back to the township if the people of the city of the village don't stop this underhanded behavior.

No ,Dennis Ritter, you don't have to worry about pleasing the city residents. I'm thinkin we may be taking care of pleasing ourselves here real soon.

Steve Coventry, Clarkston

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