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Youth Assistance honors 29 kids who make a difference

Oxford-Addison Youth Assistance honored 29 kids for volunteerism, good deeds, leadership and compassion. (click for larger version)
May 19, 2010 - Twenty-nine local students were honored last week as part of Oxford-Addison Youth Assistance Annual Youth Recognition Ceremony held at the high school.

The ceremony recognizes kids who have performed charity work, acts of selflessness and bravery, or deeds that exemplify community spirit and leadership.

This year's honorees included:

Lakeville Elementary's Peer Mediation Program This group has toured the school district promoting peaceful relations and effective communication between students. Members include Ashley Albert, Allison Canzano, Jayme Hein, Ric'kyla Kimble, Rebecca McClellan, Kayley Payne, Hannah Phelps, Andrew Romano, Kaitlyn Romano, Tyler Stresky, Courtney Walker, Casey Walker, Jacob Watt and Macalister Wells.

Abby Wiseman (fifth-grader, Leonard Elementary) She uses her recess time to work in a kindergarten classroom assisting students in a variety of academic areas. Always positive and willing to work with children, Wiseman provides them with support and encouragement.

Josie Hoffman (third-grader, Leonard Elementary) A member of the student council, Hoffman helps others without being asked and goes above and beyond on all her school work.

Thalia Medrano (fourth-grader, Leonard Elementary) Using her own allowance, she gave financial assistance to a fellow student in need that enabled this person to go on a field trip to the state capital with the rest of the class.

Tobin Bachusz (fifth-grade, Oxford Elementary) Described as thoughtful and generous, Bachusz volunteered to "buddy" with a new student to help him adjust to the school.

Olivia Upham (fifth-grade, Oxford Elementary) She exhibits all of the qualities of a caring, compassionate and selfless person. She always looks out for her classmates and never puts herself first. A leader in the classroom, many students look up to her.

Matison Brill (third-grader, Oxford Elementary) She always seeks out opportunities to help others and makes it a point to bring an extra snack each day for another student.

Nathaniel Bolan (Oxford Elementary) He arrives at school early every day to hold the door open for all who enter the school. He can be counted on to do his job each and every day.

Matthew Sampson (Oxford Elementary) He arrives early every day to be the school's greeter. He stands at the doors and offers everyone a heartwarming smile along with a cheerful and sincere "Good Morning!"

David Moore (second-grader, Daniel Axford) A Boy Scout, Moore has helped DA become a great school by recycling paper each week.

Zain Khambaty (second-grader, Daniel Axford) He takes great pride in doing his best in all academic subjects, is admired by everyone and assumes a leadership role in the school. He shares his family's native language, Arabic, with other students. He is a model global student.

Rebecca McClellan (fifth-grader, Lakeville Elementary) She volunteers her free time to help kindergarten students by assisting in writing workshops, reading to students, planning and carrying out games and activities, and making sure they safely get to and from their school buses.

Mihayla Partaka (fifth-grader, Lakeville Elementary) She volunteers her time helping kindergarten students with their school work and making sure they get to their lockers and class safely. She's patient, encouraging and extremely helpful.

Allison Canzano (fifth-grader, Lakeville Elementary) She serves as a student safety and bus buddy in a kindergarten class. She takes her role very seriously and gives up a lot of her recess time to help others.

Kelsey Majors (fifth-grader, Lakeville Elementary) She gives up her recess time to help out in a kindergarten classroom. She's described as very responsible, reliable, creative, encouraging and patient.

Paige Barrett (sixth-grader, Oxford Middle School) She's willing to help others with academic difficulties. She works with challenged students and shows them compassion and consideration. Her kindness and understanding toward those in need makes her a role model for students and teachers.

Olivia Thompson (sixth-grader, Oxford Middle School) She volunteers in a fourth-grade classroom at least once a week for about an hour. She helps students with their school work and serves as a role model.

Matt Reed (eighth-grader, St. Joseph School) Described as a quiet leader who makes good choices, Reed is a very kind and considerate young man. His teachers know they can count on him to see where help is needed and do it without reward.

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