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May 19, 2010 - Miranda Wilber, a seventh-grader at Oxford Middle School, has earned a summer scholarship to the Cranbrook Institute of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Miranda has always had an intense passion for Art, especially in the areas of Fashion and Interior Design.

The Academy of Art judges appreciated Miranda's insights in her writing, the recommendations from her teachers along with the representations of art work and the organization of her submission.

Linda Robinson, a middle school art teacher, commented that "Miranda is a very talented, dedicated student who is serious about her art work and (Ms. Robinson) is constantly amazed at her artistic solutions".

Miranda, daughter of Ross and Denine Wilber, will be attending her first choice class, Fashion and Function.

The three-week course will take place in the Academy's art studios and will focus on the fundamental techniques of clothing and design.

Students will start with fashion illustration and will gain instruction in expressing their ideas on paper. The class will then focus on sewing and pattern drafting skills in order to envision wearable items. A fashion show, open to the public, will follow.

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