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May 19, 2010 - I think, now, even those who stand faithfully on one side of the fence or the other for school district issues, the administration's performance, the board of education's leadership and even The Lake Orion Review's reporting, can agree on one thing: we're all watching the school district to see what will happen next.

With that in mind, I think now is an opportunity for those staff and parents who say they're unhappy with the district to step forward. I've heard you've been afraid of retribution if you speak your piece, but with so many watching, I'd say you and your kids are safe. The district can't write up one suspension or sign one pink slip without the public taking note.

In a letter to the editor, Tim Smith, director of operations in the district, alludes to a perfectly content, and maybe even pleased, majority. If that's true, I'll have no qualms about getting back on my soapbox and telling the world the majority of Lake Orion thinks its schools are a happy place, much like the majority of the school board things the superintendent is meeting their expectations.

But I have a feeling there are many – possibly a majority – of discontented and displeased people who need to send one big common message to the district: we demand ethical and servant leaders, and we will hold you accountable when you won't hold yourselves accountable.

So I ask this of the public, whatever side of the fence you're on: write a letter to the editor and sign it, show up at a board meeting and speak, send an email to each and every boardmember.

Put a face and a name to what you're whispering behind closed doors. Speak up, speak loud.

I was talking to Tracy Gora the other week about this very thing. She's a LOCS parent who's been very vocal in the district, expressing her frustration and disappointment. She believes those who keep quiet are doing more damage to their child's well-being than if they speak up. What evils, she asked, can the district conjure up that would be greater than not standing up for yourself and setting a good example for your children?

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