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May 19, 2010 - Drunk Mom

On May 10, at 7:15 p.m., a Brandon deputy responded to the substation for a child exchange. The deputy met with the child's grandfather. The man said he was meeting there to turn over the child to her mother, but when he arrived and began to speak to her, he suspected she was drunk as she slurred her words and swore. The deputy began speaking to the mother and smelled intoxicants on her and saw she was unsteady. He asked her if she drove the SUV parked out front and she said a friend had drove her and she had her last drink at 3 p.m. When the deputy asked the woman for the phone number of the friend who drove her, the woman went to the SUV, removed the keys from the ignition and put them in her purse on the passenger seat. She then grabbed her cell phone and called someone, telling them that she needed them to tell the police they drove her to the substation. The complainant said when he arrived at the substation and pulled up behind the mother's vehicle, he saw her get out of the driver's seat. A preliminary breathalyzer test on the woman showed she had a blood alcohol content of .177 percent. She was arrested on suspicion of operating while intoxicated and taken to the hospital for a blood draw before being taken to the Oakland County Jail. The case is open.

Noisy intruder

On May 11 at about 3 a.m., a Brandon deputy responded to the 4000 block of Lake Knolls for an attempted burglary. The complainant said he and his wife woke up to a noise in the kitchen. Both the kitchen and dining room windows were found wide open with screens to the side and shades up. The windows had been shut, but not locked when they went to bed. Nothing appeared to have been taken.

Bodi alert

On May 11, a Brandon K-9 unit responded to the 6700 block of Dale Court in Independence Township for a narcotics search after deputies found bags of marijuana in the backyard of the home. K-9 Bodi indicated on several areas in an attached garage where glass pipes and cigarette papers were found. The rest of the residence was searched and Bodi also alerted on a medium-sized duffle bag in a basement bedroom closet that contained zip lock baggies.

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