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Letter to the editor

Government right to ban texting

May 26, 2010 - Dear Editor,

After reading one person's opinion in the May 19 People Poll, where she believes a law against texting while you drive is an intrusion by a government that should leave well enough alone, leave us to perhaps kill others while driving 75 mph on a freeway, it seems to me that there are people out there with a misunderstanding of the role of government.

While I have conservative views on government taking our money, trying to force its idea of health care on us, and so on, I definitely believe there's a role that government must play.

I am sure the person with the freedom to text and drive opinion would never admit to being an anarchist, lack of the ability for ourgovernment representatives to pass laws that "intrude" on our lives for legitimate purposes is anarchy in its purest form.

We vote for representatives to pass laws for our good. Sometimes, they do just that. After all, we do need protection from those who may hurt us, both foreign and domestic. We make sure that we have police protection. We adhere, at least in our minds, to the Golden Rule and we vote in those who we believe will do the right thing. We also vote out those who aren't

. Giving the police the right to stop those who obviously cannot be paying one hundred percent attention if they are texting, unless they have invented hands-free texting, is beneficial for all of us who take to the streets in hope we'll get to where we're going safely.

I, a conservative, support government intrusion when it is for this purpose.

Fred Neumark

Independence Township

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