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Letter to the editor

Vote against wasteful politicians

May 26, 2010 - Dear Editor,

Some folks may not agree with our new president, but he has accomplished one thing, in that he has really shaken up the status quo.

Now is the time to seriously think about voting out career politicians this November. Democrat or Republican, are these politicians in office for the people who voted for them, or to shore up their retirement account?

One prime example would be U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, of Michigan's 44th District. Try to name on thing he has done in the last 10 years for his district. He is on several committees, energy being one. Does he have a solution to what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico? When was the last time you heard him speak at a local town hall meeting addressing local problems?

State Rep. Eileen Kowall and her husband, White Lake Supervisor Mike Kowall, think their retirement should be funded by taxpayer dollars.

Of course, we have Independence Township Supervisor Dave Wagner, currently under recall notice, who shares this concept.

Remember that in order to make your vote count, you have to vote.

Tim Heming

Independence Township

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