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Letter to the editor

Thanks for Community Awards work

May 26, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Community Awards Committee: Anita Banach, Dawn Horner, Kelly Hyer, Linda Jaboro and Linda Mladenoff for an outstanding Michigan Week Community Awards Breakfast.

We are blessed to be able to celebrate the many unsung heroes and outstanding volunteer efforts in our community. I am so proud of our deep pool of talented, compassionate and inspirational people, each working hard at causes they cherish without thought for recognition or awards. Everyone doing what they can, where they can, creates the hometown community we treasure.

It was also a pleasure to read the event program and see the many sponsors, supporters, collaborators and donors who helped make this a wonderful signature event for our community. This breakfast truly was a collaborative community event—the very example of the types of efforts being celebrated with proclamations and awards.

Thank you to Pastor Greg Henneman and Clarkston Community Church for coordinating and hosting this important event. We appreciate your hard work!


Penny Shanks, executive director

Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce

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