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Oxford Police Log

May 26, 2010 - Monday, May 24 - Someone stole an edger and weed wacker from a garage on Deer Path Trail.

*Police assisted a citizen whose Jeep broken down on S. Washington St.

*A laptop was stolen from a home on E. Burdick.

*A caller reported to police people were going door-to-door selling bathtubs on Tanview. Dispatch gave the caller the Oakland County non-emergency number.

*A caller on Cheltenham Lane called 9-1-1 so he could get the non-emergency number for Oakland County in order to get his car out of the impound yard. He was asked if he had tried information and advised they did not have the number. The caller was advised that the dispatcher would give him their number and not to misuse 9-1-1 in the future. The subject proceeded to get nasty towards the dispatcher and hung up the phone.

*A vehicle was reported to be all over the road on Pontiac St, nearly hitting multiple curbs. The officer stopped the vehicle in front of the police station on W. Burdick. The subject did not test positive for operating while intoxicated.

Sunday, May 23 - A caller reported a suspicious circumstance at a house on Wateredge.

*A house on Mechanic was having a loud party and the police were called for disturbing the peace.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on S. Washington. The vehicle had been seen being occupied four times.

*A female called police and stated that her ex-boyfriend moved out of her apartment and took some of her personal items and that some of the items included her identification.

*A reporting person on Pleasant stated that a dog at a house on the street was not on a leash or confined in a yard.

*A caller on Pleasant reported that a truck down the street was smoking it's tires. An officer went to the address to notify the owner of the vehicle. It turned out that the owner had a valid warrant for his arrest out of Dryden. A transfer between Oxford and Dryden police was held at M-24 and Davison Lake Rd.

Saturday, May 22 - There was a noise complaint about people being outside an establishment on S. Washington. The establishment's outside speakers were shut off.

*There was a report of marijuana use at Glaspie St. and Lakeville Rd.

*A drop-off box from a building on S. Washington was reported stolen.

*There was a possible domestic disturbance on Pontiac St. and W. Burdick. The officer reported that the male party involved was gone on arrival. The female reported no physical contact between the two parties involved.

*There was a possible operating under the influence of liquor on Baldwin and Seymour Lake.

*There was a suspicious circumstance reported on Dayton. There was a large party going on and there were reports of bottle rockets going off. When police arrived at the scene, they advised the residents and they stopped.

*There was a disturbing the peace report filed on Crawford St. There was loud music and the floor was shaking.

Friday, May 21 - There was a suspicious vehicle reported at First St. and Maple. A male and female were sitting in a car. Upon further investigation, police determined the man lived on First St.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported in the parking lot of an establishment on W. Burdick. It turned out that the man sitting inside the vehicle was waiting for his wife, who worked at one of the establishments on W. Burdick.

*An officer gave an intoxicated man a ride to his home on Park St.

*Suspicious activity was reported after a vehicle's alarm was going off for over two hours.

*A caller reported that a subject was riding a golf cart down the roadway on Oxford Lakes Dr. Officers found the vehicle and advised the subject driving the golf cart.

*Police assisted the fire department when a smoke alarm at a business on S. Washington went off. It was determined that the alarm went off accidentally.

*Some band members from the high school were in the middle of the road on S. Washington and W. Burdick collecting donations with no orange vests on to make them visible to oncoming traffic. Officers advised them and gave them orange vests. Officers later in the day received several calls that the kids were causing problems in traffic again. The officer advised the students that since they didn't listen the first time the officer came out, that they would have to quit collecting for the day.

*A male registered sex offender was reported to be living at an address on E. Burdick with an eight-year-old. Protective Services requested an officer to go to address with her and advise him that he was to leave. The subject was not there when police arrived.

*There was a small grass/brush fire on the side of the road near the gravel pit on Lakeville Rd. and State St.

Thursday, May 20 - A man on Center Ct. seemed intoxicated and did not want to go back to his house for the evening. He was advised that if he did, an officer was to go with him to pick up his belongings.

Wednesday, May 19 - Two car tires on different vehicles were found to be slashed.

*A subject reported receiving threatening text messages.

*A bag with $14,000 worth of checks made payable to a charity was found on Seymour Lake Dr. The woman who lost them came and picked them up.

*A caller reported that someone was following him in an establishment on N. Lapeer Rd and that he was grabbed by the throat. The man said he was not injured and did not want to press charges.

*Some GPS units and cash were taken from vehicles on Stone Bridge Ct.

Tuesday, May 18 - A caller reported that a car was going the wrong way in the northbound lanes of Lapeer Rd.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on S. Washington after a male and female were heard arguing.

*There were two reports of GPS units and cash and clothes being taken from vehicles on Olympic Ct.

*An unknown subject stole a tool box and some tools from a unlocked tailgate of a vehicle on Oakmont Dr.

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