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May 26, 2010 - Soon, the public will get a chance to see the pool of 14 community members who applied for Bill Walters' school board seat, during a brief introduction at the board's meeting, and I'm excited and anxious to see who the candidates are.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to ask Walters what type of person he'd like to see on the board next, and I have to say, I agree with him; I'd like to see someone with diverse interests and good listening habits, too.

I'd also like to see someone who's ready to act without acting, that is, someone who will move forward, make decisions, take action without the "nice" facade.

Don't get me wrong, courtesy and respect have their place. But I want to see boardmembers who are passionate about what they do and the role they serve. I don't see passion in their discussions now. Instead, I see politeness and carefully crafted sentences and artificial composure.

Get riled up! Say what you mean to say!

And no, I'm not saying that so I can write sensational stories to sell more papers. Selling papers doesn't even make much money – advertising does – so, if you think I'm looking for a bigger pay check, think again.

I just want to see the passion on the inside reflected on the outside.

To make my point, I have to take a page out of the Lake Orion Village Council's book.

The other week, I sat in on village budget discussions and the feasibility of keeping lifeguards at Green's Park, and boy, did some of those councilmembers get hot over the issue. The council president even used his gavel to break up the heated discussion.

I don't know what the right answer is for lifeguards and I'm glad it's not my decision, but I was happy to see the councilmembers – many of whom are lifelong LO residents with lake waters running through their veins – get fiery.

It demonstrates to the public that, without a doubt, they will try their damnedest to do what they think deep down is right.

That is a quality the next school boardmember should have – the ability to tap his or her gut feelings, passions and sense of rightness, and act on it without pretense or false politeness, both in private and in public. No games. No facade. Just be your honest-to-goodness self and the public will respect you and your choices.

If a person holds true to that quality, I think other qualities, like accountability, responsibility, leadership, trustworthiness, ethics, and all those other desirable characteristics of a school boardmember – and anyone – fall into place.

Reporter, Lake Orion Review
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