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Schools should foster growth

Letter to the editor

May 26, 2010 - Dear editor,

I love Lake Orion Schools. The schools are the reason my family moved here 10 years ago.

I volunteer and work at the schools. The teachers and staff never cease to amaze me with their concern and dedication to our children.

As a parent, a member of this community and an employee, what does concern me is the current trend. I feel there is a lack of openness and communication of intent.

This leaves the space for the rumor mills to start cranking out half-truths.

Am I concerned for my job as a food service employee? Sure, who wouldn't be with all the districts around us privatizing.

But my main job is to bring up a well-rounded, caring individual who is able to contribute in a meaningful way to the future.

Please keep Lake Orion and its schools the place to foster that growth.

Thank you,

-Amy Tunison

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