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May 26, 2010 - Gone a week, but to me, the greatest thing that happened was the sun finally came out, the weather warmed and I could plant my geraniums and marigolds.

One day during that week I went trout fishing in the UP with my equally unlucky son, Jim.

Let me define my trout fishing: I sit on shore, repeatedly casting an assortment of 1,343 lures toward the "hot spots" and retrieve nothing but weeds for eight hours.

In one respect trout fishing is a lot like my deer hunting experiences: we bide time until our lunchtime cookout; then abide time until our evening of fellowship and lying.

I had a lot of time to think, though many of my thoughts were in wonderment of why did the trout find one person's lure more inviting than mine, which was the same spoon as his.

Another thought was to never let a young'n' into fishing camp. However, if we hadn't had this 24-year-old, we'd never have had a trout dinner.

Our U.S. President is reported by the daily media as being a thorough, forward thinker. Accepting that premise, his selection for the next seat on the Supreme Court gives me further cause to question acceptance of that premise. Once seated, there will be no Protestants on that bench. Is that the goal of our White House thinker? If so, why? Of course, 'why' frequently comes to mind these days, state and nationally.

In our fishing camp fireplace commune, where I was the only one not wearing jeans, their fit came up. In particular was the shrinking distance between crotch and waistline. One of the guys said the low-slung jeans are advertised as "modern fit." They look to me more like "too-tight fit."

If cancer hadn't taken my mother's life, I'm sure she would have died after seeing today's advertisements for something called Cialis. Do all our generations need to see and hear all the advertisements for rejuvenations and excitements?

Being over 80, I feel qualified to make this statement: Ain't no way anyone over 80 should be allowed on any ballot for any office that might pass laws that affect my life.

That said, I'm ready to entertain. A retired US sailor says, "I object and take exception to everyone saying that Obama and Congress are spending money like a drunken sailor. I quit when I ran out of money."

How long have uprisings like the Tea Party, immigration and civil rights been going on? Well, in 1878 there was a movement against using farm machinery. Scores of reaping machines were destroyed in Ohio and Indiana. Warnings posted on machinery alarmed farmers to the point some yielded and discharged their machines. Oxford Weekly Journal, July 12, 1878.

Michigan trivia: The home offices of Life Savers Candy, Beechnut Gum and Squirt soft drinks are in Holland, MI. Michigan began charging an annual license fee of 50 cents on 1915 autos. In 1936, Escanaba harvested and processed 100,000 sq. ft. of birds- eye maple to be used in the English luxury liner, the Queen Mary.

- - - 0 - - -

It's taken a long time, but between laws and aging I no longer feel the need to pass any car or truck ahead of me, or to be first in line for any bargain, or to have the latest of anything.

As for the latter; science and the internet (I still refuse to capitalize that word.) make so many things and ideas obsolete so fast I can't keep up if I had the urge in the first place.

Used to be an aspirin would do it, now we have shelves of choices. Now, we have automobile choices from a half dozen countries, when at one time one Ford sedan was enough.

I seldom see a push lawn mower, and the only manure spreaders I see are in my golf league or my lawn.

I'll close with this sign outside a radiator shop: "Best place in town to take a leak."

Jim Sherman, Sr. is president of Sherman Publications, Inc. He has penned "Jim's Jottings" since 1955.
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