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Letter to the Editor

Frustrations with township leaders

June 02, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I read the article about the director of Parks and Rec. in Independence Township going on a medical leave last month due to the stress of his job working with the current administration.

I can sympathize with him since my experience working with the current administration proved to be one of the most frustrating experience I have had in my adult life.

They are certainly dysfunctional and certainly not looking out for the publics interest as much as their own.

But I can't see the logic in taking a medical leave opposed to retirement after 30 years as its obvious that the situation won't change till at least 2012 after the next election.

At a time when layoffs and downsizing is plaguing the township due to lost revenue it seems stepping aside would be the right thing to do for the township. If he couldn't handle the stress, I can only imagine the struggle his assistant is having in his absence with out compensation.

The tax payers in the township have been very generous providing free housing, utilities and vehicles as part of his salary for most of his adult life.

It's obviously time to take a break and enjoy life but please not on the tax payers' dime.

Sam Moraco

Independence Township

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