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Girls LAX hopes to go from club to varsity sport

June 02, 2010 - By Andrew Moser

Leader Staff Writer

Now that the Varsity Boys Lacrosse team has gotten off the ground and become a varsity sport, the girls would like to follow suit.

Earlier this spring, the girls lacrosse club was started by assistant swim coach Heather Miller with the hopes of one day turning it into a varsity sports program.

"This was the first year of they had a club. They played a little last year, but not to the extent they have this year," Miller said.

Miller said that she began coaching the club when a couple of girls on the swim team asked her to coach. She was hesitant at first, but gave it a chance and wound up enjoying the experience.

"I love playing with the girls and being out there with them and watching them grasp and learn it (lacrosse)," she said.

So far, 16 girls have come out for the club, including two eighth graders.

"The girls that I have playing are very interested and very excited because they are actually getting to play games," she said.

She added that she does have a few eighth grade girls who are interested in playing next year, something she hopes can rub off on the other girls in eighth grade.

"Now that I have had two eighth graders playing, more girls in eighth grade are learning (about lacrosse) and getting excited about coming out next year," she said.

Even though they have not won a game yet this season, their current record standing at 0-4, Miller has been pleased with how well the girls have improved over a short period of time.

"The first game against Canton we lost 9-0, but we played them again and lost 11-9, so my girls have improved greatly," she said.

Some of the biggest improvements she has seen is that the girls are learning the plays, where to be on the field and just the overall excitement they have for playing the sport.

"All the girls have stood out and stepped up and have done really, really well," she said.

Miller stated that her goals for the upcoming season include getting more girls to participate and understand more about lacrosse. "Above all, I want the girls to feel like they have learned something and to have fun," she said.

"I think it is good for the kids. This is one way to keep them busy. It's a good sport," she said.

"Lacrosse is very demanding, but it's a lot of fun to play. You get to meet new people and I just think that if it can become a varsity sport, it will be good for the school; there will be another sport the girls can get into and be excited about," she added.

She said that she sees that excitement every time the girls take the field.

"I think all the kids are excited about playing sports, especially when they can get into something that really piques their interest," she added.

Andrew Moser is a staff writer for the Oxford Leader.
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