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Former resident to township: 'Do the right thing' for Becker

Letter to the editor

June 02, 2010 - Dear editor,

I just read the article regarding the liquor license application of Mike Becker, along with Orion Township Trustee Joann Van Tassel's comments regarding the license (Township's last liquor license in limbo, May 5).

This is a guy who didn't have to open a business, and didn't have to open it in Orion. This is a guy who publicly states that he "loves Orion."

As for whether or not Mr. Becker's pizza shop is an economic benefit to the township, I'm sure his employees, suppliers, and landlord find it to be some benefit, and I would be surprised if the landlord isn't paying property taxes to the township......so it is at least some benefit to the township.

And the $1,000 non-refundable application fee for a license seems to qualify as another benefit for the township.

What is Ms. Van Tassel hoping, expecting, or planning to happen? What high-end entertainment organization is going to appear and solve all of the area's economic woes by opening a SINGLE business, and probably with new construction (that would be a benefit to the township with those fees and additional property taxes)?

Ms. Van Tassel's concerns of the township seem to be towards the governmental entity, not the community.

I understand that governments have/use programs to help lure or keep business in their jurisdictions, but holding on to the last license for the knight-in-shining-armor, who may or may not show, seems short-sighted at best.

Unless there is some reasoning for Ms. Van Tassel's comments essentially dismissing Mr. Becker's business as not important enough, I say do the right thing and approve his application and allow him to pursue his livelihood, using the tools available with the assistance of the township.

Garry Sommer

Okemos, Mich

Formerly of Lake Orion

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