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June 02, 2010 - True hero found in Ortonville

Dear Editor,

This is a public Thank You to the angel that drove into the same carwash bay I had just left in downtown Ortonville. It was a beautiful Memorial Day for me. I haven't been feeling well after recently finishing five months of chemotherapy. But Monday was different. I felt good enough to get out to visit a friend and spray the dust off the car. I even managed to get the whole car clean for only eight quarters! Proud of myself for feeling almost whole again, I drove off leaving my wallet, all my credit cards and more than $100 in cash sitting on the brick ledge inside the wash bay.

Oakland County Sheriff Deputy Tarp called an hour later, saying he had my wallet. When I got the wallet back, not a single item was missing! The deputy said the wonderful person that found it did not leave their name, just my wallet.

I hope my angel is reading this or someone knows who they are. I want them to know how deeply grateful and humbled I am by this generous and yet anonymous action. Of all the terrible scenarios that might have played out with this forgotten wallet, something redeeming and uplifting happened instead. People that perform these deliberate acts of kindness are true heroes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Cindy Merz

Vindictive actions unjustifiable, mean

Dear Editor,

(In response to, "Church, high school soccer bad mix?, The Citizen, May 29, page 6.)

(To the individuals who reported Brandon girls soccer players):

You have succeeded in your goal. I, of course, am assuming your goal was demoralizing the whole Brandon soccer program.

Your complaint that a couple young ladies from St Anne's Youth Group attended a soccer fun night with peers of their faith and values has placed them on a three-game suspension. Your vindictive approach leaves a very bitter taste in many people's mouths around Ortonville. To be able to read a church bulletin and glean from it that someone needs to be punished is deplorable. The soccer event was a bunch of high school youth getting together from different parts of the area and just having fun. There were no rules, no judges, no coaches, no uniforms and no score. Yes, it was called a "tournament" but the intent and the result were far from that. After repeated calls the MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association) ruled that the girls were involved in a "competition."

Does this mean now that our youth will be spending more time in front of computers or TV because when they get together to play and have fun, you or another disgruntled parent will complain? Your accomplice states that "any issues or complaints that we would have are with the coaching and administration, not with the girls."

However, your childish, vindictive actions have impacted the JV soccer team as well as parents, the youth minister, the young adults that belong to St Anne's youth group and the community in general. This is on top of the negative impact you have already placed on the varsity soccer team. You have not succeeded in making the coach or the administration look bad. It has only made you look bad. I am proud of both my daughter and the other young lady that have been unjustly grounded.

They are a joy to be around. They work hard on and off the field and they both live their faith. We know that they have been wrongly accused but we will shake it off and get on with living our lives in a faith-filled way, and we can walk with our heads high.

How about you?

Debra Gaves, proud parent and soccer supporter

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