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What are liquor license politics?

Letter to the editor

June 09, 2010 - Dear editor,

As a business owner and manager, I I can't help but wonder what the real politics is behind withholding this license from an applicant who followed the application procedure (Township's last liquor license in limbo, May 5).

The arguments from the council members and leadership make absolutely no sense what so ever. The bulk of explanations for postponement of rendering a decision and open-ended questions is absurd and another example of the wheels of government grinding slowly.

Business is tough normally, business in today's economic climate requires measured additional investment based on risk and requires timely decision-making.

The business people on the board recognize this, those that have demonstrated careers as politicians do not.

Mr. Becker made the proper calls, completed the appropriate documentation and applications. Moreover, he paid the application fee, and is entitled to due consideration without unnecessary delay or "unhelpful hints" to apply for a different type of license.

"No economic benefit to the township"? Mr. Becker hires locals to work in his establishment (not hundreds, but neither does any other similar operation that may have a need for this license, as alluded to being a possibility by JoAnn Van Tassel).

Other opportunities for other investors? No other applicants have come forward or applied within the same time frame, period.

Overnight issuance (as compared to Carrie Lee's? I'm not aware of a legal mandate for any waiting period.

Mr. Becker has been a socially responsible member of this community for 45 years, in business with this establishment for two years, and has unselfishly supported many community endeavors, other businesses, youth programs, and school activities.

I'd like to see a real neighborhood family-owned-and-operated eatery close to home, where I can sit with my family, eat pizza, watch a televised sporting event and have a beer if I so choose without taking my family to a "bar."

The applicant paid the fee and is entitled to a timely and genuine application review.

If the board can't see its way to supporting a responsible, locally owned and operated business that's already proven an investment here, shame on them.

-Bill Kelley

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