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June 09, 2010 - School district:Get out of transportation business

(In response to: '16 teachers nixed, wage cuts OK'd,' The Citizen, page 1, May 22.)

Dear Editor,

The Goodrich School District administration has announced that it needs to lay off more than 1/10th of its teaching staff, 16 teachers. It is just too hard to believe that with all the school taxes we pay, and supposedly all the revenue from the Michigan Lottery going to the schools, we have to take such drastic measures. I think it is time to seriously consider a different option, getting rid of all school buses. They need to be sold to the highest bidder, insurance on them canceled, drivers and mechanics pink slipped and stop buying all the overpriced diesel for them. I'm sure the savings would be huge! As an American/taxpayer/property owner, I certainly believe that the education of your children is one of the most important duties we have in life, but why do I also have to pay to get your kids to school?

Free school busing started when school districts had pockets full of cash, not a $2.3 million deficit. When you drive by almost every rural bus stop in the mornings, you will find 3-5 running vehicles, with coffee sipping parents sitting in them, illegally parked too close to the stop signs, while their kids are outside waiting for the bus with their neighbors and friends, too embarassed to sit in the running SUV's with Mama. If all these parents would form "car pools" and drive maybe once/week, problem solved. You figure out how your kid gets to school. These are your children, we are supplying them with the best free education possible and basically babysitting for them all day for you, just get them there. At the very least, the bus service should be privatized and a pay for ride fee implemented.

And sorry, I'm not falling for constant whine that your little darlings won't be as safe with privatization. These drivers are fully endorsed, licensed, drug tested, background checked and I'm sure most of them have fine families, in the community, and love their children, as much as you do.

It's time that our school districts get out of the transportation business, balance the budget, and then totally concentrate on the education of its students, the future of America.

Dr. James C. Weiker, Goodrich

Parents: Kids are future generation

(In response to, 'I feel like a new person,' The Citizen, June 5 page 3)

Dear Editor,

I feel nothing but joy for this young boy and his mother, and wish them continued success in Nathan's journey through the Brandon school years to come.

My child went to H.T.Burt Elementary, with Principal Kristy Spann. We made a family decision after four months into the school year to drop enrollment. My child was falling behind academically and socially and that was with an IEP (Individualized Education Program).

The meetings we had (and there were several) with the "team" were unsuccessful and very stressful to say the least. I know several other families who have struggled with this same matter in the Brandon School District and decided to remove their child as well.

Now my child is doing really well and without an IEP. He is very active in the community and involved in a lot of sport activities. I feel that with most kids, who have behavior, disabilities or any other problems which might interfere with their education learning process, that the school district is causing more harm than good. Parents, please rise to the occasion and take action. After all, these kids are the future generation.

Denise Taylor

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