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Letter to the editor

Thumbs up for heartwarming story

June 16, 2010 - Dear Editor,

As a long-ago J-school grad and writer/reporter/columnist, in another life, I often frown and reread many articles in The Clarkston News, as I thumb though page by page after the paper arrives in my mailbox.

Maybe my inability to understand what is often a lack of clarity and organization of the facts in an understandable way is a result of the recently dysfunctional nature of much of your paper's coverage areas and subject matter, i.e., Clarkston City Council meetings, Independence Township Board marathons, school news and board meetings, etc.

On the other hand, I confess to almost always enjoying the wit and down-to-earth columns from Jim Sherman and Don Rush.

Occasionally, the coverage you folks provide raises the bar way up there! Such is the case with the piece in your June 9 issue, "Graduation grants heartfelt wish."

How motivating and uplifting was the story tracing Chesney Oldenburg's journey from the first day of her senior year at Clarkston High, through her past week's graduation?

I'll tell you: it was outstanding, a four-star job!

I'm thinking Chesney and her parents are four-star people, too. They, as well as you folks at The Clarkston News, all deserve a "thumbs up," way, way up!

Congratulations to all involved in this "perfect storm."

Bob Dangel

Independence Township

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