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Letter to the editor

Reader supports state rep. candidate

June 16, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I'm writing in response to "Local resident files for state representative seat," May 12 edition, announcing Richard Gutowski's campaign for state representative, 44th District.

Rick is described as "an independent, conservative, and a problem solver." His "resume" is that of a very accomplished, successful individual with "30 plus years in the real world" who is motivated to serve his community.

Many are tempted to believe our representative style of government is broken, and we must acknowledge we have all played a part. While we went about our lives, we've allowed a situation to develop not unlike the old adage of putting the fox in charge of the hen house in the township and Lansing.

Now we have a gentleman willing to step forward, place his well-earned rewards of retirement on the back burner and offer to actually employ what has become the uncommon asset of all in government, common sense. I don't really know Rick other than to wave at him occasionally, but considering his background as an engineer combined with my own life experience dealing with engineers, I would be willing to bet he did not make this decision without a great deal of thought and research. This commitment could not have been made quickly or rashly, and I am extremely grateful he made it! We must consider this gentleman who simply doesn't need the complication of public office at this time of his life. He should be scheduling tee times this summer, and yet he is essentially volunteering to go back to work, for us! He is offering to do an extremely difficult job in an extremely toxic environment for the simple reason that, while listening to the contributions of another, he asked himself, "wow, what have I done?"

I would urge us all to understand the incredible commitment and sacrifice that Rick is making and to support his candidacy for this district. Any individual willing to employ the knowledge, experience, and business acumen he has gained in "30 plus years" within our political process deserves our admiration and support!

Stephen L. Strawsburg

Independence Township

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