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Accused of 'peeping'

Police say man is registered sex offender

June 16, 2010 - An employee at an Orion Township tanning salon is facing 'peeping tom' charges after a 22-year-old woman claimed the man peered into the tanning bed she was using at Yucatan on S. Lapeer Road.

Stavro Adil Hamama, 24, a Troy resident, is scheduled for a June 29 preliminary exam before 52-3 District Court Judge Julie Nicholson.

According to Orion Township deputies, the man is a registered sex offender.

The alleged victim told police May 19 she came to tan about 9:10 p.m., as she usually does, noting she had some "casual conversations" with the employee about her wedding plans, then went into the room, and closed—but, "for the first time ever,"—did not lock the door.

After entering the bed unclothed, the woman told the deputy who responded to her 911 call, she heard a noise and looked over to see the door of the room opening, then looked down toward her feet and saw the man had his head down at the end of the bed looking at her.

The woman got up and got dressed after he ran from the room, and claims the alleged offender was "on his knees" repeatedly apologizing and pleading "please don't tell anyone," and "I will get in trouble."

The woman told police the employee took her phone from her hand when she said she was calling the police, so she walked to a nearby business to dial 911.

The man, who later returned to the scene, spoke with the deputy, explaining he "accidentally walked in on someone."

"When I asked why he didn't knock, he had no answer," the deputy wrote, noting he collected potential evidence at the scene.

The man also told the deputy that, although he saw the lights in the bed, he didn't think anyone was in it -- noting he wanted to talk with an attorney before writing out a statement.

The felony charge carries a potential two-year sentence.

According to police, the man is a sex offender, with a "rather extensive criminal history," some associated with sex offender status. He was not on probation at the time of alleged offense.

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