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Council names Larry Brown Ortonville Village manager

June 16, 2010 - Ortonville-By a 6-1 vote on Monday night, Larry Brown was hired as the new village manager. The village council had unanimously voted to assign Brown to the position of interim village manager at their April 12 meeting. The former village manager, Bill Sprague, has taken a position in the private sector after five months in the village. His last day was April 9. Brown has served as the village's part-time treasurer since January 2008. He has been a Brandon Township resident for the past 20 years and is retired from General Motors, where he worked for 36 years and was a finance manager.

Councilmember Kay Green voted no.

"They are going to pay him the same as the last village manager," she said. "And that village manager worked 40 hours per week. Larry is just going to be here 32 hours. That's not right."

Brown did not see it that way.

"My hours here will fluctuate between 32 and 50 (hours), "he said. "My job can be done in 32 hours—there will be weeks when it takes longer. I just don't want to raise any eyebrows as to why I'm not here everyday."

Brown said that road repair is a priority. However, due to a tight budget coupled with less funds from the state progress will be limited as to just how much can be done.

"We also need more businesses to move in downtown," said Brown. "Ortonville is a great community to do business—but right now there are just too many vacancies downtown, not to mention homes. Sewers would make a big difference, but right now that's just not financially possible."

The village will be seeking a part-time, 20-hour-per-week treasurer to fill the position vacated by Brown.

The position was posted last week.

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