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Letters to the editor

June 16, 2010 - Work together to help children

In response to 'Parents: Kids are future generation,' The Citizen, June 12, p. 6)

Dear Editor,

I agree with Ms. Taylor that parents should "rise to the occasion and take action."

However, I do not believe that leaving our school district is the answer to problems.

My son, who has special needs, just finished first grade at Oakwood Elementary. Ms. Taylor removed her child from Brandon Schools after four months and several meetings with the school "team" which were "unsuccessful and very stressful..." I have had many meetings with my son's team – very likely many of the same team members Ms. Taylor is referring to, including Principal Kristy Spann. Are team meetings stressful? Absolutely. Being the parent advocate of a child with special needs guarantees that. But this team is open to listening to parents. There have been differences of opinion, and even angry words and a few tears. But there are also good feelings and progress. We all respect each other. My son has made incredible progress in many ways. I will continue working together with the team to achieve improvement in other areas. I have had many opportunities to witness how much the staff at Oakwood care about the students. Mrs. Spann works very hard to make the school a positive environment for everyone.

It is relatively easy to say something isn't good enough and walk away. It is much more difficult to do the necessary work needed for improvement. But it is ultimately much more rewarding. Ms. Taylor is correct that kids are the future. I believe that blaming others achieves very little. We should all respectfully work together to help all of our children.

Christine Boyle

No sheriff deputies in Groveland

(In response to, Tight twp. budgets rekindle Groveland, Brandon, MSP issues, The Citizen, June 12 page 1)

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Groveland Township almost 40 years. We do need police. As our supervisor has stated, the state owns a lot of our township. Camp Tamarack owns at least two square miles and pays no taxes. We have one-and-a-half paved roads and not enough people. What was the last one? Was it the library who wanted $150,000 or $180,000 from our 6,000 people? Good luck.

Some years back, I came on a wreck on Grange Hall on the S-curve before I-75. The poor man was dead. A call was put out for any police so the body could be moved. High class sheriffs were of course in the doughnut shop in Ortonville. They joked about it. I was at the wreck at 6:40 a.m. and (Michigan) State Police were all in Detroit. They got to the wreck at about 11 a.m.

The point of all this; I do not want sheriffs in Groveland. Just don't come into the township. Don't pass through. Leave your cars in Brandon. Do not drive into Groveland. Not welcome.

I hope that is plain enough.

If not, go study "Stay Out" in your library.

Charles Rockwell

Groveland Township

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