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So, what? Sew buttons! An old time comeback

June 16, 2010 - The first year Hazel and I were married, she worked as a clerk in an Owosso factory. I commuted to East Lansing to college.

With no school homework, I had lots more idle time than Hazel. I took up doing (what, in my youth, was considered) woman's work around the house. You know — cooking, washing, ironing and clothing repair.

My cooking specialty was scalloped potatoes with pork chops. I did very little clothes washing and ironing, but I took to sewing, especially buttons.

This came to mind recently when a button came off a dress shirt. Hazel left me about 1,000 buttons, from which I found a close match.

I soon realized the makers of needles are making smaller eyes and threads are more difficult to insert in said eye.

Now I'm ready to sew on the button. No problem, except when I finished, I found I'd sewn the button on the inside of the placket. Ok, cut it loose and start over. Still fussing, I found the dressmaker had sewn an extra button on the shirttail.

Oh, hum, the world went by and I missed the trip.

- - - 0 - - -

Whether it's lawyers trying to get huge settlements for all the "hardworking" people, or insurance companies, AARP or candidates, "free" money is promised. Recently Goldline Financial had gold for sale for 'hardworking' people.

I'd just as soon never hear another Chili's commercial for avocado burgers.

Our current president and the previous president named women as Secretary of State. Condolezza Rice was tall, Hillary Clinton is not, but she is still taller than many Asian leaders. I don't think this height factor is lost on Mao-whatever. Neither is the female factor in countries where women can't show their faces and aren't seen in airport arrival greetings. I'm not saying men could do a better job than women, they can't, but there is that image-dominance factor.

The tv commercial for Brinks Home Security drives me nuts . . . nuttier. An intruder smashes into a home, the alarm rings at Brinks in where ever. Unless Brinks is next door to all their clients, the intruder still has time to rob and rape before Brinks can get there through traffic.

The Irish must feel some relief of not being blamed for everything for a lot of years. The Jews, Hispanics and gays have taken over, thus freeing the Irish, and lifting their status.

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If you're going to our nation's Capitol this summer, I urge you to put Arlington Cemetery a little higher on your agenda, ahead of the Smithsonian, The Wall and various monuments. They are all fine, and deserving, but Arlington will wring more emotions.

When Norman Vincent Peale was asked to sum up his philosophy of living, he said, "You've got a life to live. It's short, at best. It's a wonderful privilege and terrific opportunity — and you've been equipped for it. Use your equipment. Give it all you've got. Love your neighbor — he's having just as much trouble as you are. Be nice to him; be kind to him. Trust God. And, work hard."

They say President John F. Kennedy had a plaque on his desk with the inscription: "Oh, God, thy sea is so great and my boat is so small."

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