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Congratulations and farewell to school retirees

June 23, 2010 - Clarkston Community Schools Board of Education recognized more than 60 employees throughout the district, retiring this June or during the 2009-2010 school year.

They extended congratulations and good luck to Dorothy Anderson, Lesley Banycky, Mary Barnard, Henry Beard, Carl Blehm, Gae Bomier, Denise Boucard, Jere Brewer, Bev Brown, James Butzine;

David Campbell, Joseph Choma, Nancy Colbert, Shirley Condron, Janet Danosky, Janet Dobrin, Ruth Duling;

Connie Fleck, Kristine Galaviz, Patricia Goforth, Marilyn Golding, Karen Gonzales, Perry Green, Dale Hamilton, Fred Haynes, Jessica Hirr, Christian Krueger;

Shawlene Ladd, Marilyn Lash, Nancy Larsen, Denise Lennox, Vincent Licata, Deborah Licata, Leonard Loveless, Jane Loveless;

Julie Mathews, Chris McCleese, Blanche Meloche, Vickie Merenik, William Merenuk, Elizabeth Meyer, Robert Monahan, Linda Morrow, Patricia Nienstedt;

Linda Olechowski, Marilyn Ormiston, Gerald Ostrom, Dwight Parsons, Lois Richardson, Albert Roberts, Charles Robinson, Joyce Rochford, Ilona Rosehart, John Ruelle, Vonda Ruth;

Nora Schmidgall, Sandra Schutte, Larry Sherrill, Dorothy Sommers, Judith St. George, Deanna Taylor, Mary Tippen, William Swayne, William Tymkow;

Alonzo Walker, David Whitehead, Ellen Whitehead, Carla Whitney and Patti Wilder.

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