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Letter to the editor

Keep police to avoid merger

June 23, 2010 - Dear Editor,

When citizens approve a millage for the police department, it is generally for the purpose of maintaining or increasing police protection.

I must add that Clarkston is Main Street and the police have done a good job of regulating traffic on Main Street.

For Clarkston, the police controls crime and traffic but they also help give Clarkston an identity, an independence.

If Clarkston were to merge with Independence Township, the township would burp and Clarkston would be digested by it.

The police department is really an anti-merger factor. If Clarkston loses her police department, there is one less reason to remain a city.

If a merger occurred, the township would control zoning and planning and all things that make Clarkston what it is today.

Can one imagine this township board or any township board governing Clarkston?

The current township board belongs on Saturday Night Live, not governing Clarkston.

Gerald E. McNally


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