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Oxford Police Log

June 23, 2010 - Monday, June 21 - Police did a welfare check of a resident on East St. A caller reported that he could not get a hold of his girlfriend and that he did not know if she was at home, ignoring him or needed help. An officer checked the residence and could see a TV on and tried to make contact, but was unable to.

*A female on East St. reported to police that her boyfriend just jumped her and left. The responsible left in an unknown direction by unknown means.

*A male screamed a curse word at a homeowner on Thornehill Trail because the homeowner confronted him, another male and female about trespassing on the owner's side of the lake. The reporting person was advised to go into the house and to stop confronting the subject. Contact was made with both parties, and the reporting person did not wish to file a report and was satisfied with the officer advising the subjects.

Sunday, June 20 - A caller on Crawford St. made a complaint about a lost animal that was in the apartment across the hall. The dog was taken by the people approximately three hours before the call and had not returned home yet. The caller was advised if she had called earlier or if she would call again when they came home, help could be sent, but that nothing could be done until the people return home.

*A caller reported a suspicious incident at her house on Thomas Rd.

*Some carbon dioxide was detected leaking out of a van on Crawford St.

Saturday, June 19 - A caller reported an underage party in Waterstone.

*There was a report of yelling and screaming coming from an apartment on E. Burdick.

*Police did an area check for fireworks on Pearl and Ensley. The report went unfounded.

*Police assisted a mother in locating her daughter who turned up at a friends house.

*There was a report of a possible intoxicated female on Crawford St.

Friday, June 18 - There was a report of malicious destruction of property to cars on Sommerville Ct.

*A man on Granger called police and said that a large cat, possibly Leopard type, jumped out in front of his wife's car. Police gave him the number to Oakland County Sheriff's Department.

*There was a demonstration in front of the post office on E. Burdick.

*A reckless four-wheeler was spotted on Poppy Hill.

*A female called 9-1-1 and advised them that a tree behind her address on S. Washington had wires on it and appeared to be on fire. The fire department arrived and observed a tree limb hanging low and hitting some wires. There was no fire or hazard at this time.

Thursday, June 17 - An officer found an unlocked door on S. Washington and accidently set the alarm off. The alarm company was called and the officer resecured the door.

*There was a report of dogs getting out and going through trash at an address on Pearl. The caller stated that this was an ongoing problem. Code enforcement was going to be advised when they got in.

*A young boy wanted to be transferred to animal control for a baby bird that fell out of a nest. An officer assisted the boy and notified him that animal control doesn't deal with baby birds. A parent came home and assisted the boy with the bird.

*A purse was stolen out of an apartment on Louck.

*A caller reported a red car drag racing on Iroquois Ct.

Wednesday, June 16 - An officer was requested to stand by while an owner of a property on E. Burdick confronted his tenants.

*A person on Oxford Lakes Dr. requested to see an officer about a suspicious package.

*Police spotted a couple of juveniles hanging around a dumpster on S. Washington and possibly smoking marijuana. Police found the juveniles hiding near the dumpster and took them to the station so the parents could be notified.

*A man reported hearing glass break on a piece of property in Oxford Twp. Upon investigating, he saw four females and two males who were trespassing. The group told the Oakland County Sheriif's Department that they were looking for a ghost. They were issued citations for trespassing and taken back to their vehicles, which were parked on N. Oxford Rd.

Tuesday, June 15 - A car alarm went off on Lakeville and the reporting person saw someone running away.

*There was a report of kids egging cars by Cemetery Hill.

*An officer attempted to stop the driver of a vehicle for operating under the influence. When the vehicle started to flee, it nearly hit other vehicles. The officer finally pulled the driver over on S. Lapeer Rd.

*There was a report of an older woman sitting in her parked car in the SE Lot with her windows rolled up. The car was also not running and the reporting person was worried she would get too hot. The vehicle was unable to be located.

*Some electronic items and a wallet was stolen from a vehicle on Lilac Lane.

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