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A family affair: Police arrest seven, find pot growing operation in basement

June 23, 2010 - It was an illegal house party of the worst kind, said Lake Orion Police Chief Jerry Narsh of an incident involving a brawl, marijuana use, underage drinking, a marijuana growing operation and five adults and two minors taken into custody.

Bouvier (click for larger version)
Arrests included Alexandra Woods and Hanna Paul, both 19 and from Orion Township, for visiting a house of illegal or immoral conduct; Ronald Kulick, 49, of Waterford, for hosting minors in possession; Susan Bouvier, 44, of Lake Orion, for hosting minors in possession and possession of marijuana; Zane Bouvier-Schatz, 20, of Lake Orion, for minor in possession of alcohol and fighting; Trae Bouvier-Schatz, 18, of Lake Orion, for minor in possession of alcohol and fighting; a 17-year-old Orion Township resident for minor in possession of alcohol and frequenting a house of illegal or immoral conduct; and a 16-year-old Lake Orion resident for manufacturing marijuana.

Court trials are pending, but police believe the family has left Lake Orion since the incident.

"Any time you have an adult present and there are also young people and alcohol, marijuana or other drugs are being used, it's disturbing. It is even more disturbing when at least one (adult) is a parent," said Narsh.

Around 12:30 a.m., April 2, Lake Orion police got a phone call from N. Slater neighbors complaining of "something hellacious going on" at a residence, Narsh said.

Two officers arrived to the sounds of a violent struggle inside and entered on exigent circumstances. According to the report, they found two young men fighting and the rest of the group trying to break it up.

"Everybody appeared drunk or high or both," said Narsh, noting empty liquor bottles, beer cans and drug paraphernalia littered the house.

After subduing the disorderly bunch, officers swept the residence and found four growing marijuana plants in the basement, according to the report.

Officers also discovered evidence to show the grow operation was about to swell, Narsh said.

"There was additional lighting and other materials that would indicate there was intent to expand," he said, adding that it was clearly not a medical marijuana operation.

Police say they don't know how long the illegal activity was going on, but based on evidence in the home, the mother (Bouvier) was fully aware of the activities that were ongoing. In fact, she was participating in it with young people, according to Narsh.

During the police interview, Bouvier said the group had been celebrating Kulick, Bouvier's boyfriend's birthday.

Zane Bouvier-Schatz said the pot-growing operation was partly why he and Trae were fighting. He also noted he was glad "everyone got busted" because he was tired of his mom's drinking and drug involvement, according to his statement in the police report.

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