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Medical marijuana unwelcome

Letter to the editor

June 23, 2010 - Dear editor,

I am disappointed in the township trustee board for their vote rejecting the ordinance language that would have kept medical marijuana out of Orion , or at least for a time as to see what results it has on other communities around us that already allow its use.

The township planning commission now has to review language that would regulate the sale and use of marijuana for medical use in Orion. Our community then will become a testing ground for this fairly new and unpredictable industry.

My over all concern is how the criminal element will exploit this in our community. I have read news articles about thieves breaking into medical marijuana distribution centers , robbing and even killing patients to get their stashes. In some communities home invasion has increased not to mention the extra marijuana that will add to the already illegal marijuana that is already on the streets.

This country has an epidemic of prescription drug abuse and now another drug has been added to the medicine chest.[ Maybe little Johnny has never been exposed to marijuana but now mommy needs itfor pain relief and she leaves it in the medicine cabinet next to Johnny's tooth brush and tooth paste ] Do you care to finish this scenario?

It is up to our public officials to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community. I'm asking the township officials both trustees and planning commission to tread very cautiously on this issue. At least one trustee, Ms. Shults by her dissenting vote had the insight to see that there could be serious ramifications if medical marijuana is allowed in our community. I am totally opposed as I'm sure others are in the Orion community to allowing this to happen here. I would think this as a slap in the face to the North Oakland Community Coalition as they campaign so hard to keep this a drug free community for our children.

History proves that things that are created for the good of society also are corrupted by the unscrupulous for the demise of society and that good thing becomes more pain than it is worth , an example being [ the computer with its negative affect on family, marriage, and personal information.]

Granted there will be those who will adhere to the laws governing growing, selling and using medical marijuana but I don't think its worth the time and wasted revenue to fight those who will most certainly try to exploit its legality with illegal enterprise.

It is my opinion that I truly believe the safety of the community will be jeopardized by allowing legalized dope houses to operate. If its a prescription drug let a licensed pharmacist distribute it.

-Doug Hobbs

Lake Orion Village Councilman

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