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June 23, 2010 - Anyone in Lake Orion selling a three bedroom, two bathroom house on acreage for under $200,000? I want it.


It's peculiar how doing "adult" things makes you feel very much like an adult. OK, maybe peculiar isn't the right word; what I just said sounds so obvious when stated so plainly. But it's an odd thing, becoming an adult.

Until we bought a new dishwasher for our current house, I was never so pleased – excited, even – for purchasing an appliance. We bought a new fridge at the same time, and my husband and I were like kids on Christmas morning in our "adult" excitement.

How does something as mundane as appliance shopping become so thrilling? Powerwheels shopping should be cooler, by far.

Adults are weird, no doubt.

And now, the two of us are house hunting.

Buying new appliances? Now infantile. Do-it-yourself, weekend-warrior projects? Child's play.

We're buying a house, man.

It's a whole new game with all new rules that none of my schooling or childhood exploits taught me.

Until now, our $30,000 student loan bill was a lot of money, but that's peanuts compared to the $200,000 we'll drop on a house.

And yet, how exciting!

See, adults are strange and twisted.


You guys will be stuck with me for a least a couple more years. Our house-hunting search is honed in on the Lake Orion school district (though we're still looking around Oxford, Clarkston, Rochester, etc).


I like ya.

The small town networks (and even politics) remind me of where I'm from. I like walking into Meijer or Kroger and seeing at least one or two people I know.

Sometimes it's like a high school or family reunion.

The schools are great, too. I talk to staff and am in different buildings every other day, covering one thing or another for the paper. Their work ethic and fervor is impressive; truly, enthusiasm for education in this district comes from the bottom up.

And we want to join your party. What'dya say, Lake Orion?

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