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What's with high level of pollution reported in Orion?

Letter to the editor

June 23, 2010 - Dear editor,

This letter is also directed to Orion Township and state officials, and WPHA board.

Upon reading the June 20 Detroit Free Press cover story "Life in Our Most Polluted Zip Code," I was shocked to find Lake Orion among the top 15 polluted zip codes in Michigan.

I live in 48359, and I want answers. Granted, the toxicity score of Lake Orion (#12) at 475 is less than that of the #1 most polluted zip code in Detroit at 2576 or River Rouge (#10) at 638, according to the Free Press.

However, while I have always associated air pollution with highly industrialized areas downriver, I never dreamed that our semi-rural township, "where living is a vacation," contained such high levels of toxins.

I sincerely hope that our township officials investigate the cause of these elevated air toxins, which could threaten the health of our families, and provide a full and transparent accounting to the public. What gives?


-Amy Marcaccio Keyzer,

Orion Township

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