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Looking at big picture

June 30, 2010 - Dear Editor,

The last Clarkston City Council meeting was filled to capacity and in my opinion was a hotbed of issues, only one of which was addressed by Gerald McNally in his letter ("Keep police to avoid merger," June 23)

I cannot believe no one at that meeting had a comment to make to the public.

So what can we do to make the public more vocal? I think I have given them adequate things to complain about, including my letters.

Mr. McNally makes some good points but I would expand on that to say that the only things Clarkston residents will be paying for is government, lawn mowing and snow removal.

Those who live on Main Street, Clarkston Road, Waldon, parts of Washington and parts of Holcomb get snow removal done by the state and county, so their 13-20 mills in taxes is only for a government to mow the lawn.

The city is proposing a $35,127 increase in DPW related funding and $12,971 for the police department, which they want to get rid of, as well as:

150 percent increase in funds for Building Maintenance Labor, a 31 percent increase in utility costs even as we spend a grant from the government to make the building more efficient;

75 percent increase in DPW costs for Taste of Clarkston;

204 percent increase in DTE costs for what will become the DPW building on 3 E. Church;

100 percent increase in maintenance costs for DPW vehicles;

368 percent increase in tree trimming that DPW has never been able to get done no matter how much money is provided; and

63 percent increase in fuel costs for DPW vehicles.

All of this while they state we have an imminent deficit facing us that may not be eliminated even if we eliminate the police department.

Cory Johnston


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