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Letter to the Editor

Volunteers efforts not lost in recall

June 30, 2010 - Dear Editor,

The recall of Independence Township Supervisor David Wagner did not fail because of Joel DeLong.

He worked long and hard in the service of right over wrong.

Township voters voted down senior centers and township halls four times. David Wagner defied those elections. Playing fast and loose with township moneys and closed door meetings kept voters in the dark.

Because the recall law demands a standard of signatures higher than any election Wagner ever won, the recall made a demand on the electorate equal to a November election.

The Clarkston News' call for Wagners' resignation came too late in the process to help momentum. Primary elections are important. One primary election gave you Dave Wagner. That is why they call them primary, because of their importance.

Our government, all governments are process over productivity endeavors. Joel DeLong did not fail, a system rigged for complacency and mediocrity won.

We citizens lost.

Rob Namowicz

Independence Township

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