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Out Loud: A column by Laura Colvin

June 30, 2010 - Are you into Orion? Do you dig history? You've gotta check out iDig Orion.

OK, so call me a little biased, but I love digging through old editions of The Lake Orion Review. It's a lot of fun to see who was doing what 20, 40, 60 years ago or more. Minus the black hands.

But during a recent conversation, Penny Peterson, a long time Orion Township Library staffer, told me about iDig Orion.

Go to the library's website at www.orion.lib.mi.us, click on the fourth blue button from the top on the right side, "Research/Find Info," and slide over to iDig Orion.

On the new page you'll see a link at the top left: Lake Orion Review.

Type in your search words and prepare to be awed.

The archives, all scanned via a grant won by the library a few years back, date to the beginning of time. Or the 1930s, anyway. Search your family name, some local topic you're fascinated by, whatever -- it's pretty cool.

And while you're on the library's site, take note of the other resources they offer, including the Museum Adventure Pass program.

With your library card you can literally check out free passes -- some offer two tickets, some four -- to a host of semi-local attractions, like Cranbrook House & Gardens, Cranbrook Institute of Science, Detroit Historical Museum, Henry Ford Estate, U of M Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, Howell Nature Center, Paint Creek Center for the Arts, just to name a few.

It's a great way to spend the day with the I'm-so-bored-brood without spending a week's wages.

And once you're back online again, and feeling somewhat civic -- you have been keeping up on all the local news with The Review, after all, you might want to check out all the latest features www.orionneighborhoodtelevision.org.

ONTV recently began streaming public meetings live online.

That means you can watch those folks you elected to run the township and township and village -- as well as the school district -- in action, without leaving the comfort of your couch. Before you know it, you might be running for office. Or running away.

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